No, for using "Chi Gap" application, you need to register and purchase a Tcell number for login and password to access the application. As for the application you must have Internet access, you can continue to use mobile services of any other mobile operator or use a Wi-Fi network.

Yes, you can, if you are a Tcell subscriber and hold a SIM card in your possession, connected to the roaming service (Easy and Real roaming with a positive balance of more than 5 TJS and International roaming more than 100 TJS) and use communication services through the application outside of Tajikistan.

You can get a SIM-card in any of the service centers of Tcell. To do this, you must provide a passport on which was carried out registration "Chi Gap" and pay for the services of SIM-card.

Application "Chi Gap" is available for use on all voice tariff plans Tcell.

Currently, the app only works on smartphones on Android and iOS.

The balance of the account "Chi Gap" and Tcell mobile number is one. Its recharge may be accomplished by standard methods: through self-service terminals, in Tcell service centers, etc.
Refilling the balance while out of Republic of Tajikistan is possible in the following ways:
• If you are in Russia, you can top up the balance of your mobile account through any QIWI self-service terminals and Euroset. If you are in other countries, it is possible to recharge via QIWI purse.
• throughout the territory of Russia there are more than 120.000 QIWI terminals, addresses can be viewed at this link: The refill is made in Russian rubles at the exchange rate of QIWI Bank (Russia). The rate will be displayed on the screen of QIWI terminals during the process of payment. The refill instructions via QIWI terminals can also be found here:;
• through Personal Cabinet of cardholders by advance check with their bank about the opportunity to pay for mobile communication services;
• via Tcell express payment cards;
• with «SMS-money» and «Mobile Transfer» service.

To make a video call, you need to make a "free call" to the application. After connecting with the person, you need to click on "Camera". The called person must also click "Camera".

Yes, the application “Chi Gap”, you can use only if you have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

- Make sure that you are in the coverage area of Wi-Fi signal, 3G or 4G. "Chi Gap" will be synced only with a stable, a quality internet connection;
- Remove your phone from the list of human contacts, which, as you know exactly enjoys Chi Gap> Make it to the list of your phone contacts again> Check whether synchronization has occurred;
- Reboot your device;
- If none of these methods do not solve the problem, uninstall and reinstall "Chi Gap".

In the Contacts tab, you have two sections: "Phone" and "Chi Gap".

In the "Phone number" you will see a list of all contacts from your phone. In contacts that are already registered in "Chi Gap" a logo will appear next to the name.

In the "Chi Gap" you will only see a list of your friends with "Chi Gap" app.

If you believe that your account "Chi Gap" uses someone else, report it immediately to the technical support or by phone +992 777 11 5555 (in the network Tcell or call with the application "Chi Gap", the call is free). When you call you will be required to undergo identification on your passport.

If the first entry in the application has been carried out through the existing number Tcell: you must insert a SIM card with the Tcell number and verify the availability of Tcell network (if you're in Tajikistan) or check the availability of the network roaming partners (if you are outside Tajikistan). Password must be received by SMS;

If the above suggestions do not help, contact the technical support service or by calling +992 777 11 5555.

Why Chi Gap?

With Chi Gap application, from anywhere in the world:

  • Making calls to other “Chi Gap” users is FREE
  • It’s PROFITABLE to make calls to any direction in Tajikistan
  • Using the application in native Tajik language is CONVENIENT
  • EASY to control own balance

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