About application

Do you want to make calls home for free from any place in the world? Then the «Chi Gap» application was created especially for You and Your family!!!

«Chi Gap» is the first Tajik national mobile application for smartphones that allows to make FREE voice calls within the application, as well as to make calls to fixed and mobile phones in Tajikistan at affordable prices.

The application creates necessary «bridge» for communication between all the compatriots who are in labour migration in Russia, studying or living abroad, it brings together and unites family and loved ones. «Chi Gap» application allows hundreds of users be always online, send SMS and make calls to any phone number in Tajikistan. «Chi Gap» was developed and launched by Tcell (more info at www.tcell.tj) in April 2015 and has since gained considerable popularity among its users.


  • Making calls to Tajikistan and across the world at reasonable prices.
  • Sending SMS.
  • Online monitoring of own balance.
  • Balance top-up (including top-up through TezSum,).
  • Gaining a temporary balance credit by means of “Temporarily payment” service of Tcell.
  • Transferring balance from one Tcell number to another though “Mobile transfer” service of Tcell.
  • Getting Special offers from Tcell & being informed of Tcell breaking news.
  • Contacting Tcell Customer Care by means of online chat or free voice call or e-mailing.

Why Chi Gap?

With Chi Gap application, from anywhere in the world:

  • Making calls to other “Chi Gap” users is FREE
  • It’s PROFITABLE to make calls to any direction in Tajikistan
  • Using the application in native Tajik language is CONVENIENT
  • EASY to control own balance

Download Chi Gap