Сall direction*
«Chi Gap» on «Chi Gap»
Video call from inside the app
«Chi Gap» on Tcell (without application)
0,10 TJS
Call from «Chi Gap» to other mobile providers and landlines within Republic of Tajikistan
0,20 TJS
Call from «Chi Gap» to international destinations
According to the charging
by intl. directions
«Chi Gap» to mobile providers within Republic of Tajikistan
0.05 TJS
«Chi Gap» o international destinations
0.50 TJS
Data transfer**
According to the tariff plan

* Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax. 
** Traffic for the use of the application is consumed from the package or charged according to the tariff plan or Wi-Fi network.

Why Chi Gap?

With Chi Gap application, from anywhere in the world:

  • Making calls to other “Chi Gap” users is FREE
  • It’s PROFITABLE to make calls to any direction in Tajikistan
  • Using the application in native Tajik language is CONVENIENT
  • EASY to control own balance

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